Store Releases

City Quest (2015)

City Quest is a classic Sierra-style point and click adventure game following the misadventures of a simple country boy trying to make his name in the big city. It was developed from 2011-2015, and is available on Steam.

City Quest on Steam 

Or (2018)

Or is a fast paced color and pattern matching game originally released on iOS. It is no longer available for download, but here's a nifty video.

Freefall Defender (2011)

Freefall Defender was our first game built and released with Unity3d in 2011. It was originally released for iOS, but has since been removed from the store. The objective of the game was to tap on falling objects to prevent them from crushing characters at the bottom of the screen.

Nines (2010)

Nines was a puzzle game originally released on iOS in 2010. It was built with Objective C and released to little attention. It is no longer available for download.

Experimental Releases


JRPGPTV is an infinite streaming JRPG cutscene generator leveraging the OpenAI Chat AI (ChatGPT). The AI is in control of all scene changes, character dialog, music changes, and narration, as well as choosing character appearances. The Chat API is primed with a set of specific instructions on how it should respond so that its input can be parsed and used by Unity to render the scene.

Game Jams

The Fall of Mr. Wily

The fall of Mr Wily was made for Ludum Dare 25 and scored 3rd place overall. The theme was "You are the Villain", and our game was a series of minigames illustrating an ordinary man's turn to villainy. 

The Eye of Osiris

The eye of Osiris was created as part of Ludum Dare 34, the theme of which was "Growing". In this action-adventure game, the goal was to gain enough power ups to defeat the Eye in the middle of the map that was constantly growing.

Mega Gungineer

Mega Gungineer Chronicles 3: Final Gun (its full title) was created as part of Ludum Dare #28. The theme was "You only get one", and our interpretation saw the character have a single gun that would have many more guns attatched to it throughout the course of the game.
The goal was to survive the onslaught of every more difficult enemies, while building as big a gun as possible. It was fun, but the use of the theme was admittedly quite... loose.

Seven Minutes

Seven Minutes to the Heavens was created as part of a NASA Space Jam. The game was designed to show the difficulty of communicating with a rover on another planet when there is a significant time delay to your signals.
In this game, you were given various commands that would execute with a delay, and your goal was to scan and uncover minerals. It was created in 48 hours.