Client Work

NASA ATX (2016)

We contributed work to the Astronaut Training Experience at Kennedy Space Center. We helped build out simulations of scientific work on Mars.

Kennedy Space Center ATX 

Tron Realm (2015)

Tron Realm is an interactive experience that goes along with the Tron Lightcycle ride in Shanghai Disneyland, and soon to be at Disney World. We contributed work to the Vehicle Design portion of the experience.

Shanghai Disney 

Neo Monsters (2015)

Neo Monsters is a monster capture RPG available for iOS and Android. Stone Monkey Studios contributed in many of the core game features of the app, as well as the Android port.


Fish Vs Crabs (2013)

Fish Vs Crabs was a tower defense game developed by Swift Creek Games. Stone Monkey studios assisted in the development of the game, which shipped in 2013.

Lefty's Road Rally (2013)

Lefty's Road Rally was an interactive children's book available for iPad. Stone Monkey Studios was responsible for building the app in whole having been given art, audio, and direction. No longer available for purchase.